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Note:  Dreams In A Backwater represents one man's attempt to create a work of literature out of the raw materials of his own life.  That is to say, it was a work written more or less as it was being lived, the guiding principle having been that the examination of one's life is the most important task any individual can undertake.  It is hoped that this belief will not be interpreted as one of unadulterated egotism; life, after all, consists not only of one's private concerns, but of how those concerns are shaped both by the relationships one has with others and by the wider social context within which those relationships exist.  It has been my contention that self-scrutiny is both the most relevant and the most ethically sound premise from which to delve into this broader range of materials.  The self-understanding which results from such scrutiny might fairly be called the foundation upon which the edifice one constructs out of life either stands or falls, for without self-understanding, one's placement within society, within the context of interpersonal relationships, and within the larger context of the natural world, will necessarily bear the marks of a profound misapprehension.  Of course, since self-understanding is a constantly evolving feature of the internal landscape, it cannot ever be said to be complete; it has been my hope, nevertheless, that by keeping my eyes, and my mind, open during the course of my passage though life, I would be able to create an edifice of words which bore an honest (if not always flattering) likeness to the one who made it.


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